Tuesday, August 15, 2017

To many more years of love.

TBH, I usually like to start my sentence with tbh.
Okay back to what I wanted to share at the first place.
After many months with no English writing required, I can feel how rusty my English writing is right after I finished whatever I have just wrote.
I know I am at the stage where my English get nothing better but at the same time Chinese becomes more shitty. I don't know how I get myself to this point, I just did yeah.

Okay I am out of track again. COME BACK.
TBH, I realize something all of sudden today, I guess people, I mean me at least realize thoughts just in a blink of an eye. I just realized that I might not living in this house in maybe let's say three years, there might be many changes that I couldn't foresee atm, but eventually there will be.
I know I am the individual who hate things to change, I want everything in my life stay as it always will be, in which, impossible.

Too many realization and that is a little unbearable, maybe it is just me that refuse to even thought about it. Too many feelings and too little skills to let those out in words, what a shame.

I know how much I hate when someone need to leave me or I will be leaving for some good reasons. Too late but never too late to realize that people come and go, there is so many changes after high school, that freakin good old times.
In high school, yes, knowledge need to be learnt gets harder every year, but people stays the same, even if people are leaving, majority folks around you never really change massively, and that is what I really care about at the end of the day.
I know how picky I am in getting to know friends but at the same times, I know how much I love them when I stay around them.

Times is kind of like the third wheel between me and all the memories that I treasure as hard as I could, despite my hard work, it fades, it fades every single freakin time when I try to think about it. Yet, all I know is that the feelings are always there.

Thank you people who stay in my life, also, I know I need to learn how to say a good good bye to people who left or will be leaving. Of course, I always know family will always stay. Letting go never easy, I always know I will eventually did it and I actually did. Hello, and Good-Bye. To many more years of family love, friend love, and partner for life.


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