Tuesday, August 15, 2017

To many more years of love.

TBH, I usually like to start my sentence with tbh.
Okay back to what I wanted to share at the first place.
After many months with no English writing required, I can feel how rusty my English writing is right after I finished whatever I have just wrote.
I know I am at the stage where my English get nothing better but at the same time Chinese becomes more shitty. I don't know how I get myself to this point, I just did yeah.

Okay I am out of track again. COME BACK.
TBH, I realize something all of sudden today, I guess people, I mean me at least realize thoughts just in a blink of an eye. I just realized that I might not living in this house in maybe let's say three years, there might be many changes that I couldn't foresee atm, but eventually there will be.
I know I am the individual who hate things to change, I want everything in my life stay as it always will be, in which, impossible.

Too many realization and that is a little unbearable, maybe it is just me that refuse to even thought about it. Too many feelings and too little skills to let those out in words, what a shame.

I know how much I hate when someone need to leave me or I will be leaving for some good reasons. Too late but never too late to realize that people come and go, there is so many changes after high school, that freakin good old times.
In high school, yes, knowledge need to be learnt gets harder every year, but people stays the same, even if people are leaving, majority folks around you never really change massively, and that is what I really care about at the end of the day.
I know how picky I am in getting to know friends but at the same times, I know how much I love them when I stay around them.

Times is kind of like the third wheel between me and all the memories that I treasure as hard as I could, despite my hard work, it fades, it fades every single freakin time when I try to think about it. Yet, all I know is that the feelings are always there.

Thank you people who stay in my life, also, I know I need to learn how to say a good good bye to people who left or will be leaving. Of course, I always know family will always stay. Letting go never easy, I always know I will eventually did it and I actually did. Hello, and Good-Bye. To many more years of family love, friend love, and partner for life.

Friday, April 14, 2017


不知不觉这个部落格也快写了7年了 很怂的讲一句 这里记录了很多我的心情

以前的我很喜欢写部落格 不是因为什么 只不过我觉得 部落格是个很好抒发的地方
长大了 不是时间少了  也不是不喜欢部落格了 只不过 渐渐的不善于抒发
现在的我想要告诉你 要珍惜现在 不见了的东西有时候真的再也找不回

谢谢你部落格 接下来的日子 依然 多多指教

Thursday, April 13, 2017


2017, it's been four years since I came to Australia. Coming to Australia wasn't my decision at that time, however, I am very grateful that I technically made the decision (kind of, it was my parents' decision btw). Being able to stay in Australia is always unbelievable, I wouldn't even thought of owning a car before, and now I know it will be hard for me if I don't travel with car. I have been talking about this couples times, I was a, I guess, dependent person I suppose, or maybe my parents were over-protective solely because of my gender. I never ever get to catch public transport on my own in Malaysia (even now tbh). Australia is a place where I earn and learn. I thought I was independent enough, and apparently I was not, I still not but better I suppose. Australia is another stage of mine after high school, and University that is. Yes, after four years, I finished university. Despite of the hard time throughout the four-year course, it was one of the best memories. The high school me will never ever thought that I would be able to come to Australia and finish a degree here. That is purely unbelievable, even now I feel so. Coming to Australia wasn't my decision because I understand my parents' financial situation but they insist to send me to overseas. Their decision, persistent efforts, unlimited supports are all invaluable, and those were and are inspiring. Those are the reason why I never think of giving up. I couldn't thank enough but thank you is the only thing i can say for now. 2017, 5th year and now it is another stage. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


我的脑袋是转盘 转到什么写什么
相信我 我真的是很懒惰做些别的东西 所以才来blog一下

很无聊 就来说说王嘉尔 看看我以后看回我这段当脑粉的过程是有多脑
王嘉尔嘛 google就可以找到的嘛
Got7的说唱担当(他自己在节目上说的) 粉丝团叫鸟宝宝 嘉嘉自己的粉丝团叫Jacky
前香港剑击国家代表 17岁的时候在准备伦敦奥运会的时候 脑袋短路去了韩国当练习生
2014年1月16日一JYP新男子组合Got 7 出道 三年的禁爱令开始 (现在结束了,嘉尔 等姐姐)
1994年3月28生日 还没有23岁 竟然比我小 什么东西 没关系 姐姐不介意姐弟恋
富二代 爸爸是香港剑击教练 妈妈前奥运体操铜牌 公公是终生教授 这是多好的基因啊
很注重健康  很爱运动 很爱家人
有时候觉得这麽一个男生 家室好 有人气 长得这么帅不说 虽然不高 可是颜值真的报表
依然可以这麽亲民 这麽热血 这麽爱粉丝(典型脑残粉会说的话) 这麽真 这麽贴心
他因为知道Instagram的post会很多不同国籍的人看 他把他会的语言都写一遍 所以他po的文通常都长长的 如果今天他在韩国 po的文就是韩文开始 然后是英文然后中文 如果他在华人的地方 会是中文开始 然后别的语言 这麽贴心的 让粉丝怎么能够不爱他
绝对没有要吐槽的意思 可是 很多会多国语言的艺人 也不会常常po不同语言的文
王嘉尔真的很有梦想 很热血 他说过 他要粉丝因为身为鸟宝宝 身为Jacky而感到骄傲
怎么有人这么会说话 这麽会啊
虽然有时候他真的笨笨的 也不知道是真笨还是假笨 哈哈
可是都很可爱 白目的时候更可爱 哈哈 说一些乱七八糟的港普 不是简单的好笑
会粤语的听得出来 可是不会粤语的真的会被嘎嘎的中文天分弄垮
Oh Boy 我真的很喜欢他说广东话的时候 我原本就很喜欢香港人的粤语口音
可是王嘎嘎说广东话的时候真的超级迷人 说英文是更加的好听!
这麽有天分的人 怎么还不大红大紫!

写了这么一堆 真的是想到什么写什么 没有编排 完全没有

王嘉尔 王嘎嘎 王嘉嘉 王puppy Wild & Sexy Sassy


忽然觉得很可惜啊 曾经这么爱对方 却因为种种问题 就这麽就失去了 要分开 真的不需要 绝症 车祸 家人反对  距离 思想 时机 时间 这些都可以让人分开 为了对方付出的 对方或许真的看不见 都当成理所当然了 或许真的因为习惯 都蒙蔽双眼了 就真的觉得很不甘心...