Friday, June 10, 2011

I Need It • We Need It •You NEED It So Please

All Of  Us Are So Different

We Are In Different Classes
We Join Different Society
We Have Different Aim

So on,
We Have Different Future
We Have Different Life

I Believe We Have Something In Common
We Need Somethings
We Need Friendship!

Keep The Frienship Forever

I Beg U
Let Me Keep This Longer Than I Expect
Instead Of  Hate You Right Now

Realize Please
You'll Need Us One Day

When "Friends" Around You
Know You Much

We Left Only Least Time To
Be With Each Others
Stop Being

Treat Us Nicely By The Way We Can Accept
Instead Of  Follow Your "honorable " Feelings

Listen Our's
You'll Know What You Should n Shouldn't

What U Think Is Not All Correct
Ur Stuff Is Not All Perfect
No one Will Be Perfect Ten
It's Same
You're Not

So Please
Watch Out
You'll Lost Us Just Because Of Your Terrible

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