Monday, July 22, 2013

Are we still consider as friend ?

Holy Crap. Haha. This is my words recently.
I'll bring it back to you guys,
Instead of rude words,
Holy crap is here! Silly head me.

Yeah, remembrance.
How awesome was my high school life?
Outsider never knows.

Everyone is improving, i hope you are.
I miss you, ya, give me sometimes to say goodbye.
Time to moving again.
Responsible to give my parent a better life.

Ya. I'm poor but i'm rich too.

Every step you walking is always the right time to moving forward.
We'll never too late to step forward unless you're stepping backward.
There is always way to go.
Do not stop yourself at the same point to make a decision,
Go ahead.

I believe thing never goes wrong with willing heart.

Believe me, things done by willing heart is always awesome.

Go beyond friend :)

Are we still consider as friend ?

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