Monday, July 4, 2011

Like Like Like Like~~!!

Life's like a rainbow,
From head to toe,
Bright as it glow,
Or dull when it's dawn

A rainbow with different colours,
Red for angry or yellow for happiness,
How you manage your differences,
And show your true colours

There's a rainbow after the rain,
A rainbow after a hurricane,
After all those pain,
It's what you gain

Live your life like a rainbow,
There's up and there's down,
Don't easily get down,
You're the one with the crown

Thx ha xiao didi

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不知不觉这个部落格也快写了7年了 很怂的讲一句 这里记录了很多我的心情 以前的我很喜欢写部落格 不是因为什么 只不过我觉得 部落格是个很好抒发的地方 长大了 不是时间少了  也不是不喜欢部落格了 只不过 渐渐的不善于抒发 以前说没有部落格不知道会怎么样的我 现在的我想要...