Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turn Back Please

finding ways to meet you
lining up to miss you

standing in front of the window
waiting for your appearance
staring on your back
my eyes are always on you

you're moon  
i was stars

you're sun
i was sunflower

you're lightning  
i was thunder

you're planet
i was galaxy

i'm always around you 
without your knowledge

i can do nothing instead of 
waiting you to turn back
and look into my eyes

Turn Back Please♥

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不知不觉这个部落格也快写了7年了 很怂的讲一句 这里记录了很多我的心情 以前的我很喜欢写部落格 不是因为什么 只不过我觉得 部落格是个很好抒发的地方 长大了 不是时间少了  也不是不喜欢部落格了 只不过 渐渐的不善于抒发 以前说没有部落格不知道会怎么样的我 现在的我想要...