Saturday, March 15, 2014

WORK hard, PLAY hard.

Now or never? 
For my case, now or future, either one. I've only one ending.

Sarcasm. For what happen to me. 

He asked me to remind myself with one question.
Why am i still breathing?
For family sake, obviously.
The only question i will ask myself when i doubt my own decision on this situation. 

Living and loving after betrayal. 
A book i saw in sudden at the library. 
I've no idea what is the book about, but i'm able to cope it by myself.

Process is sometimes too overwhelming.
But process is always the best of the best to represent my journey.
Anything happen for a reason.
The "hey" i sent.
Words from you.
Blank state day.
Screwing process.
Dinner of that day.
Everything happen for a reason. 

You're 100% negative trustworthy.
I'm not me when blogging with english. 

Betrayal is not awful, betrayer is. 

I doubt this quote:
You wouldn't know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. 
But end up i proved this myself. 

No blame But shame on you and you. 

I'll create my own story from now on. 
100% without you. 

Bench mark = Peinee
I'll be there one day i believe.

I asked myself what do i want now?
WORK hard, PLAY hard.

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